Russell Tucker is a High school football Coach and
avid fan of the Texas Music Scene from his bar days at Texas State University.

He founded HWBC in 2017, because he couldn’t find
beard products that didn’t aggravate his sensitive skin,
and smell better than a pine tree or cedar box.

HWBC has continued to grow and is helping beards throughout
the Texas and Nashville Music Scene, the NFL,MLB, NHL, PGA, High School and College Coaching communities and beyond.

The Company

We create all natural beard oils and beard wax in small batches to ensure quality. While this process does take quite a bit longer, we do believe that in this case, "The juice is worth the squeeze". We're a small town, Texas based company that couldn't find a beard care product that we liked so we decided to make our own! Hungry Wolf Beard Company is more than a name, it's a way of life, live hungry, and be the Alpha, all while having a great looking, feeling, and smelling beard.


Our Products

Beard Oil & Beard Wax
Our mission is to create high quality beard care products for the modern man.
We combine several beneficial carrier oils such as Golden Jojoba, Grape Seed, Castor, and Vitamin E, with essential and all natural fragrance oils to create handmade beard products that are an experience to use. They represent how a man should smell aside from the standard idea of a pine forest lumberjack.

Each formula is designed to help nourish and hydrate not only your beard, but the skin underneath your "mane" as well.

Our scents are designed to stand out and be noticed!

How To Apply

Want to know how to put the stuff on?
Check out the awesome video and the amazing beard right here!

While we use only the finest natural ingredients in our oils and wax at HWBC, it is possible that some of the carrier or essential oils are not completely compatible with your specific skin type. This is why we suggest TESTING A SMALL AREA on your wrist before applying to your beard. This will help ensure the ingredients are compatible with your skin type.
If you have any sort of allergic reaction DISCONTINUE USE of our product immediately.