Beard oil ingredients vary but it is generally comprised of two to four types of oils. Ours has three and vitamin E.

• Type 1 – Carrier Oils
Carrier oils help hydrate and moisturize your skin and beard, reducing beard itch, beard dandruff and creating an overall healthier, better beard.
The best carrier oils are Jojoba and Grape-seed.

·• Type 2 – Essential Oils
Essential oils are added to carrier oils to create delicious fragrances.

Pro Tip:
stay away from oil with more than 3 or 4 carrier oils. With oils, more is not better.


Beard oil is the perfect way to moisturize and maintain the health of your skin and beard.
As your beard grows, it absorbs the natural oils from you skin causing your dry skin, redness, beard itch and even beard dandruff.
Beard oil is the cure!

Beard Oil Eliminates:

• Beard Itch – Primary reason many men don’t continue their beard growth.
• Beard Dandruff – Dandruff of the beard – Flakes of skin everywhere.
• Split Ends – When your hair splits causing an unruly, unkept appearance.


Beard oil should be applied daily to promote beard and skin health, and moisturizing.
Just like a shower, deodorant, and brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t go a day without it!
The best time to apply your beard oil is in the mornings, immediately after your morning shower.

• If you have sensitive or naturally dry skin conditions like eczema you may experience severe itchiness and irritation. This is normal and oil will help!

Pro Tip:
If you struggle with itch or irritation, try applying more oil in the morning and really work it into the skin.
If it’s still itching or irritated throughout the day, apply some in the afternoon as well.